Welcome to the ASST PUBLIC PROSECUTOR Exam Coaching program at Shri Rajiv Gandhi IAS Academy!

Our coaching program is designed to help aspiring candidates like you achieve success in the Assistant Public Prosecutor (ASST PUBLIC PROSECUTOR) examination. We understand the importance of this prestigious exam and have curated a comprehensive curriculum that covers all essential aspects of the syllabus.

Here’s what you can expect from our coaching:

  1. Experienced Faculty: Our team of experienced faculty members consists of subject matter experts, retired professionals, and qualified instructors who have a proven track record in guiding students towards success.
  1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage: We have designed our curriculum to cover all the topics and subjects included in the ASST PUBLIC PROSECUTOR examination. From legal principles to procedural laws, we ensure that you have a strong foundation in all relevant areas.
  1. Mock Tests and Practice Papers: To gauge your progress and boost your confidence, we conduct regular mock tests and provide practice papers. This helps you simulate the exam environment and identify areas for improvement.
  1. Personalized Attention: We believe in providing personalized attention to each student. Our batch sizes are kept optimal to ensure that our faculty can address individual doubts and queries effectively.
  1. Study Material: Our academy provides well-researched and comprehensive study materials that cover all the relevant topics in a student-friendly manner. These materials are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the exam pattern or syllabus.
  1. Doubt Clearing Sessions: We conduct special doubt clearing sessions to address any queries you may have. Our faculty is readily available to support you throughout your preparation journey.
  1. Current Affairs and General Awareness: As legal professionals, it is crucial to stay updated with current affairs and general awareness. We provide regular updates on these topics to keep you informed and well-prepared.
  1. Time Management Techniques: Cracking competitive exams requires efficient time management. Our coaching includes tips and techniques to help you manage your time effectively during the exam.
  1. Motivational Sessions: We understand that the journey of exam preparation can be challenging. Thus, we organize motivational sessions to keep you inspired and focused on your goals.
  1. Post-Exam Support: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the exam. We offer post-exam support, including counseling and guidance for further stages in the selection process.

At Shri Rajiv Gandhi IAS Academy, we strive to create an environment that nurtures your aspirations and empowers you to excel in the ASST PUBLIC PROSECUTOR examination. Our ultimate goal is to see you achieve your dreams and embark on a successful career in the legal domain.

Join us now and let’s take the first step towards your journey to success!